Vida Nueva

Vida Nueva (a Spanish term for “New life”) is an interdenominational youth oriented encounter similar to the Cursillo and Tres Dias movements. It is a weekend filled with faith, fun, and fellowship.

Vida Nueva can be attended by any high school student in the 9th – 12th grade, with the maturity and willingness to experience the spiritual dimension of life and share thoughts with others.

Talks are presented on a wide variety of topics by a working team. The subject matter and activities are challenging and thought provoking, which leads to open-ended discussions in small and large groups.

A Vida Nueva team is a group of spiritually energized teens and adults drawn from the Christian community. They meet for two months in prayer and preparation for this weekend encounter with Christ. Their goals are to seek answers to every question possible concerning one’s Christian walk, to develop a lively Christian community, and to join the community in such a loving and supportive way that others are encouraged in their spiritual growth.

If you would like to attend a Vida Nueva weekend, please fill out an application (this can be found under Downloads) and send it to our email adress.